about me
   I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1965.
My family was in the jewelry manufacturing business and from an early age I was introduced in a world of designing, prototyping, model making and casting. At the same time I was captivated by the magic of movie features, sculpture  and animation, In No time, I found my self trying to make a path to my objectives taking all types of art classes that I thought could lead me there. I worked with master sculpture Jorge Seijas, airbrush, with Raul Maldonado among others. I learned technics like mold making in silicon and plaster, working with latex, foam latex, alginate resin, urethane, Styrofoam, fiber glass and along the way taught myself 3d cgi animation.
After many years searching, I met Danielle Verse who was, at that moment, opening a work shop for a small group of artists. She was the one who opened to me, a whole new world of mediums and to connect that world with the real one.The course emphasized in model making and all the aspects related to design production and art department . It was a door for me to express myself in an artistic  way, in all different directions.
Upon completing the course, Danielle offered me a job and I worked with her for many years.
We worked together on commercials, theme parks like the Disney animation festival (Argentina), Buenos Aires zoo, Mar del Plata aquarium and of course movies’.
During the following years I worked as a designer and art director and main sculptor, in  haunted houses projects in Brazil, Buenos Aires and Costa Rica.where I ended up staying.  As the years passed I worked in production companies for the advertising industry as an art director, and sculptural commissions for the prestigious Costarrican Precolumbian gold museum.
  Last year my family and I moved to Los Angeles. Since my arrival, I have been working as set artist,  model maker and character designer for several projects as well as putting together my jewelry work shop and designing a new line of jewelry.