As a Sculptor who works and design with real materials in the real world sometimes I like to cross the borders of reality to submerge in virtual worlds and swim a little bit there. Actually in the beginning of my career about 20 years ago, it was my main purpose to live only in those worlds. I bought a Commodore Amiga 3000 and took my first steps with  software called Imagine, pretty exiting then, things have change a lot since. Now we have such  incredible tools that allow us to model organic things that were unthinkable then, right into the computer.
Just a couple of years ago to bring  organic complex shapes to the virtual world you had to first model them in the real world and then scan it with diferent kinds of technologies, to import it into  the computer. Today, it can also be the other way around. There are many alternatives, and I love to explore and work with them all.
Some of the sophisticated software I like to work with is :zbrush, 3DMax. At the moment the main use I give to these technologies is mostly to visualize projects, from sets to prototypes; animation, like some segments for the  ( Mythic Journeys documentary) and to make accurate representations when measurements are an important factor.
Zbrush and 3dmax