In 2008 I was hired to join the production of the stop motion project, (The Bone Orchard) directed and produced by Steven Boe and Witney Boe, for the documentary Mythic Journeys. In these pictures you can see some of my work as Lead Set Artist: skies, bridge, tombstones and rocks, the cemetery gate, the columns and it's gargoyles, the tree of life in two scales, the mausoleum and courtyard.
I had the pleasure of working together with Todd Smith, in all these sets, and seeing the talented animator, Michael Granberry, director of photography,  Armando Sallas as well as others, bring everything to life.
This project was a collaboration of many talents such us the voice overs of Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen, and the main puppet characters created by Brian and Wendy Froud.
Mythic Journeys

Mythic Journey's trailer
Stop Motion